Car Loans For People With Bad Credit


Is car loans for people with bad credit or car loans for people with no credit available? These questions hold true relevance and thus are answered by Your Own Funding.
We live in a fast-moving world. Nearly ten years ago, having a car was a privilege that only a few rich people could have, but looking now, getting a car is quite easy.
Even if your annual income is low, you can get a car using the EMI incentives or through new online car loans. Cars are really useful in today’s world, especially when most of us are busy and want to save our time looking for cabs. It is no wonder that a car adds to your personality too and gives you a luxurious feel for life. But getting car loans for bad credit is not that easy, as you should have good credit.

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 Car Loans For People With Bad Credit: Benefits


It is no surprise to know that car loans have a vast list of benefits not just because they satisfy our personal needs by having possession of a car but much more. Let’s have a look over the benefits of car loans for people with bad credit:

Securing your assets

Having a car is a privilege as we are proud to have a royal personality in the society, right?

But you would be glad to know that the car loans also secure the car that we purchase as your collateral/ asset. After proper documentation of your car, you could preserve your car for being used as an asset in any adverse situation in the near future. But before that you need to have a good car purchased after seeking suitable loans.

Longlife maintenance support

Having purchased a car after seeking a suitable car loan is surely not enough. It needs serious maintenance and renewal services like car insurance, etc.

So, the car loans allow you financial support to maintain your car all through your life very effectively.

Besides the above mentioned benefits, there are many more pros of having a car loan like the car loans gives you regular updates of anti-theft car policies and much more.

How can I get approved bad credit car loans near me?


To acquire online car loans, you need to proceed step-by-step :

Self-Verifying your Documents and credit

The very first task you need to do is assemble up your essential legal documents that you are aware of right now, to present in front of the lender company. This also includes your credit card scores, transactions and history(can be stored either digitally or documents).

Applying for car loans for people with bad credit online (or offline, as you wish)

The next task is to apply for a car loan to multiple lenders. (You could also apply through a single platform like Your Own Funding, which selects multiple lenders for you.) The essential details that the lenders seek like your name, age, occupation, residential address, need for acquiring an auto/ car loan.

Getting Pre-approval of your loan

Once you submit your details to the lending company you have chosen, you will be getting an initial approval whether you qualify for a loan or not. Later then they will proceed with the further procedures as discussed further.

Reviewing among the loan offers for you

Once you have been approved for a car loan on the initial stage, you will get a list of loans from the lender that you are eligible for.
Amongst the list of loans, you need to set a budget for your car that fits with the loan.
Then finalize and confirm the loan you opt to acquire to the lending company.

Finalizing your car with the dealer

Now all you have to do is check with the dealer’s acknowledgement to your loan approval and finalize your dream car with the negotiated interest rates.

Car Finance for People with Bad Credit: Why choose Your Own Funding?


Here is a simple procedure so as to apply for online car loans with bad credit and is enough to prove why you should go for Your Own Funding :

Step 1

Trustful and non-judgemental fundings (in terms of bad credit)

In most of the banks, it usually takes a lot of time to accept your application and they can also reject you at a later stage. The reason being, they have to make sure that you have a good credit, so that you can easily pay back the loan later. Read More…

For the same, they don’t provide car loans for people with bad credit.

They would rarely suggest you an online car loan, as they prefer a lot of paperwork. What the banks don’t realise maybe is that a bad credit score is just time-oriented and shall make a tremendous increase with time, but in their defense, they don’t want to take risks, which is quite reasonable.

But, at Your Own Funding, we are ready to take risks for your benefit because we trust our customers fully and have car finance for people with bad credit and best auto loans for poor credit with easy terms of payback. Read Less…

Step 2

Hustle free Application process

Taking a loan from Your Own Funding is not at all hectic. Where in banks you got to face long tiring days standing in the queues, waiting for your loan application to approve, Your Own Funding provides you the opportunity to acquire for a loan quickly and easily. Read More…

Steps for Applying for an online car loan :

Step 1: All you have to do to get an online car loan is to open the website of Your Own Funding and fill out the application form which takes less than five minutes. The application form will a quick review over your personal details such as:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Contact No.
4. Residential Address
5. Employment/ Occupation details
6. Need for a car loan

We also have a personalized calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of your loans ahead of time and also, we have no hidden costs.

Step 2: After filling in your details and submitting, you can set up your own payment schedule and calculate the interest also. You can pay back your new car loans according to your own timing, which is a great feature.

Step 3: After sending a confirmation of your loan, now all you have to do is wait for the funds of your online car loans. You will get the funds in less than 24 hours. Cancelling the loan is also easy, and it has the limit of three days without any interest. Read Less…

Step 3

Appreciable Interest rates

Your Own Funding gives you all rights as a customer to know the details of interest rates and negotiate with your opinions regarding the same.

You shall never feel deprived of the suitable car loans with respect to the interest rates that satisfy your soul and pocket in the future.

So, if you have any queries about bad credit car loans near me, feel free to contact us through our website to get more details about easy online loans so that you can purchase your own dream car.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is choosing car loans for people with bad credit a good idea for a used car?

If you want to purchase a new or a used car of your own, it is never too late to realise that a car loan would prove a great help to you.

Definitely, loans sound like the traps you couldn’t recover from, but it is only when you don’t take the loan guidelines seriously before acquiring a loan for you. Therefore, researching through the best loan companies car loans for people with bad credit in the market, matching your requirements with the company’s profile which is most apt to fulfill your requirements, and then selecting the best loan for you.

Remember to have a look over the company’s policies and interest rates unless you want to blame any of you later. You can also use the auto car loan calculator which will help you to know what amount you need to save for the repayment of your car loans.

Is it possibly a good idea to get a car loan with bad credit?

It seems quite awful when you look desperate asking for a new car loan everywhere, just to satisfy your personal needs.

Never lose hope because where you might see the end to your dreams, is actually where your opportunities are seeking for you !!

In simple words, you need to have a thorough exposure in the loan market to get the online car loans with bad credit.

It’s not that there are no car finances available for people with a bad credit, rather it is the immense awareness of the borrowers which will take them to the best loan, be it a car loan or any other loan.

So, all and all, keep the following few points in mind so that you are able to avail the best car loan for yourself (even with a bad credit) :

  • Looking for a genuine lender: The lender that you have found or about to find, make sure that their intentions are not to take ultimate profit of you being desperate, but how they can help you all through your loan journey.

  • Being honest with your credit issues: Being honest with what reasons have led you to a bad credit score, to the lender is important. They are sure to help you honestly if you are honest to them. This means that the lender you have met must be assured that the bad credit has nothing to do with your untimely repayments in the future, getting it?

  • Avoid compromise for your bad credit: You don’t need to compromise taking a loan that offers you high interest rates just because you have a bad credit currently. You ought to take time in that case unless you want to trap yourself in the near future.

  • Documentation as a boon: In case you have a bad credit (which you are waiting for to rise up gradually), till then your personal documents that verify you as being regular in your transactions, and other day-to-day tasks shall help you to take a win over the car loans for a bad credit. This is meant for assuring the lender that you have a disciplined lifestyle that is not to be compared with a bad credit score. You are responsible enough to pay the down payments on time and serious about acquiring a new car loan.

What is a good auto car loan rate ?

Though the interest rates while acquiring an auto car loan varies from as low as 5% to as high as 23%, without giving you any sort of stress, let’s directly come to the point.

What is a good auto loan rate?

Well, the auto car loan rates depend highly upon the lending company you have chosen for yourself. Every loan company has set different parameters for the interest rates which are sure to satisfy the government rules and policies.

So, the parameters which are most commonly used to decide the interest rate for an auto loan are:

  1. credit score: A credit score plays an important role while you go for a car/ auto loan as it depicts the overall history of transactions all through your life.
  2. duration of loan/ term length: For how much duration you need to acquire a car loan, and what will the mode of your down payments.
  3. type of vehicle to be purchased: It requires the knowledge of whether you are acquiring a loan for purchasing used or a new car, which decides the interest rates accordingly.
  4. lender-oriented: The lender-oriented rates comprises the following 2 authorities who decides the interest rates consequently:
    i) dealerships
    ii) banks/ credit unions

So, the overall estimated to be a good auto loan rate as per the US average auto loan interest rates is between 4.2 % to 5.2%.

Again, remember that the rates vary, depending upon the above parameters offered by the different lending companies. You ought to look for the best lowest interest rate for you in the market.

What are the aims of Your Own Funding while providing a car loan?


Your Own Funding is an online platform that aims to provide you with the easy online car loans satisfying your personal requirements for purchasing a car or any four-wheeler. If you are looking to get a new car loan (and that too online!!), then Your Own Funding is the solution to all your problems.

Customer satisfaction: Your Own Funding is one of the best platforms, as it has thousands of happy customers in over 20 years of offering personal loans to all those having bad credit.

Personalize your loan activities: Getting a loan from Your Own Funding helps you to personalize your payment schedule and payback quickly.

Concerned about bad credit loans: The best for you is here if you are looking for personal loans during a phase of bad credit and you are sure to get stable a lot sooner. We also save you from financial surprises, because we know that they are not pleasurable. We are transparent about our charges and definitely have no hidden costs.

How can you make full benefit from Your Own Funding?


To have a great scale benefit, you must connect yourself with the online platform of Your Own Funding i.e.

24*7 Customer service: You will come to know that not only you will have access to the car loans you have been looking for, rather you would be able to avail a 24*7 query solving issues that need to be solved immediately.

You can make any type of online query regarding the car loans by entering your details. You will get a call from the customer care service working hard at Your Own Funding.

Wide list of loans to choose from: Moreover, a list of loans suitable for you along with the negotiable interest rates will be displayed once you apply for a car loan. Out of the list, you could choose the best fit for your car purchase.



Getting a personal loan from Your Own Funding helps you to purchase a car with bad credit as a boon with easy terms of return at low interest rate.

To assure you of the best services, Your Own Funding is always here to help you out with all the stress-buster queries you might be having before acquiring a car loan.

So, what are you waiting for?

We will be happy to help you and we are ready to trust you when others are not. Get your dream fulfilled now!!

We have helped over 130,000 people


“My bad credits almost snatched away my hopes to own a car for the next many years. I got to interact with this platform and got the instant right directions for car loans for people with bad credit.”

David Smith, LA


“Their car loans for people with the bad credit application process was quick and simple. In a short time, I had the funds I needed to buy my dream car.”

Abigail Lewis, NY


“These guys are always ready to help you need it most. They helped me with my car loan when I was a little low on cash.”

Maria Rodriguez, GA


“Their car loans for people with the bad credit application process was quick and simple. In a short time, I had the funds I needed to buy my dream car.”

Abigail Lewis, NY

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