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Student loans for living expenses are loans that are specially made to help students to pay for their education fees that include tuition, books, and living expenses. The loan amount for living expenses differ from country to country, depending on their terms. Student living expenses loans are of great help when you are studying abroad as they can help you cover your living expenses with your education expenses.

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How To Use Student Loans For Living Expenses?


When taking out student loans, you’re borrowing money to pay for education fees, which does not only include tuition fees. Student loans for living expenses cover complete fees which include room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and other personal expenses. There are many ways to use the student loans for living expenses you borrow for your educational purpose. Some are:

Buy Furniture

Buy required furniture including household items if you have moved into an unfurnished apartment. There are many cheap websites for you to get the necessary items using your student loans for Off-Campus Housing.


You could make use of your Student loans to buy or rent a car if your institution is too far away from your house. You can also get bus passes for your everyday travel.

Find affordable houses

Make sure you are not spending all your student loan on getting a posh house. Instead, look for cheap PGs, or share an apartment with your friends so that the rent is shared.

Cover necessary expenses

Make the best use of your student loans and cover the additional expenses such as getting goods and services which help you get a better education.

Factors that determine the use of student loans for living expenses?


One of the crucial factors here is the location of the educational institution in which a student studies. However, make sure you are contacting and researching with multiple lenders for your easy online loans because there are several different policies. And keep yourself safe from personal loan frauds. Basically, private student loans for living expenses amounts are based on your college cost of attendance. Your college cost of attendance is the sum of direct and indirect expenses as calculated by your college financial assistance office. The amount is usually determined using the average indirect cost amount for a student at your college. Student Loans amount are disbursed to pay your college tuition fees first followed by room and board expenses, and you can borrow additional funds to cover other education-related expenses. The estimated average living cost of attendance for different options are as follows:

  •  Average housing cost for campus residence hall will be around $43,000.
  • Average housing cost for on-campus apartment will be around $40,000.
  • Average housing cost for off-campus apartment will be around $37,000.
  • Average housing cost for living with relatives will be around $30,000.

What shouldn’t student loans for living expenses be used for?


While student loans can be used for Off-Campus Housing, but you shouldn’t use your student loans for bad credit funds to cover:

  • Trips And Vacations
  • Parties And Night Outs
  • Expensive Flats or Stays
  • Entertainment
  • Gym memberships
  • Buying expensive vehicles
  • To repay other debts like home loans, etc.
  • Business expenses
  • Buying expensive and not necessary electronics 
  • Paying for someone else like paying friend’s fees

Need student loans for living expenses?

Customize your student loans for living expenses with flexible repayment options. Get the loans quickly and easily.

How To Make Best Use Of Student Loans For Living Expenses?


The funds you receive through student loans for living expenses are based on your school’s cost of attendance, which depends on where to go for your college. The most important thing is to use student loan funds smartly. Here are few tips for how you can make the best use of student loans for living expenses:

  1. Create a monthly budget and stick to it. Wisely work out how you should split your money up fairly on different expenses.
  2. First, pay for your essential expenses like tuition fees and major expenses, including living arrangements.
  3. Look for cheap alternatives. If you need to buy something for school, search for some cheap options. It not necessary you always buy expensive supplies.
  4. Avoid spending on unnecessary things. Even if you have funds but avoid spending on unwanted or luxury things.
  5. Focus on studies and try to get higher grades which might help you to be eligible for scholarships, which can reduce your total student debt load.

Alternatives For Student Loans For Living Expenses With Bad Credit

You can borrow to finance your living expenses, but that doesn’t mean you always should. You can apply for a part-time job while in school, or raising up some funds by working during school breaks. These are ways you can pay for living expenses without taking on more debt than you can manage.

3 Ways To Minimize The Student Loan Debt Amount


Listed below are three ways through which you can minimize your student loan borrowing amount:

  • Apply for free sources of money

Free sources of money refer to take the advantage of scholarships, grants and other work-study opportunities.

  • Complete graduation on time

Each additional year in your graduation adds a year of debt also. Shifting to another college or changing educational programs can add a term or two to your college career. Try your best to finish your course in its duration to keep your overall costs down.

  • Saving for your future education

Save as much as possible before joining college. Every penny you save is a penny less you’ll have to borrow. Using your savings to pay your college fees reduces your borrowing amount and the extra amount you’ll end up paying back.

Before you go-ahead


Remember to refer to as many lenders as you can before settling for the best student loan suited for your needs. Do not waste your money on unnecessary expenses such as alcohol, more clothes, costly accessories, lavish apartments. Remember this money is for you to cover your housing expenses to help you with your education. Do not overspend the funds or use them for your needs, no matter how tempting it is. Remember, your student loan for living expenses is only for your education and related purposes and not your independent money. Spend it wisely because you need to repay interest on borrowed student loans for living expenses. For Eg: You can stay home rent-free or share an apartment with others this can help you to save on living costs.

Private Student Loans For Living Expenses With Bad Credit

The situation for student loans has changed significantly due to the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Private Student Loans for living expenses are a good option for students seeking financial help for their education during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if you have bad credit scores, you can qualify for private student loans for living expenses without a cosigner which is not there with Federal Student Loans. For federal student loans, you need good credit scores and also federal student loans limits on how much you can borrow each year. If you reach the annual or aggregate borrowing limit, you’ll have to find alternative financing to pay for the total cost of attendance. Borrowing student loans for living expenses from a private lender can be the savior for a student with bad credit scores or no credit history.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do federal student loans cover living expenses?

Federal loans may cover all education-based expenses including housing as well as meals. But student loans for living expenses could help meet financial costs when you may not have other financial resources. These loans may act as a bridge between your expenses and federal loan amount because from federal loans you might don’t have enough money to pay for the entire cost of attendance at a college or trade school.

What happens if you misuse the amount borrowed for student loans for living expenses?

You are supposed to be use funds for educational expenditures and essential living expenses. The lender won’t tell you how to spend your loan amount but if misuse funds by spending them on unnecessary things then you might come up short of funds needed to pay for other necessary expenses.

Why might you need student loans for living expenses?

Student loans for living expenses can help to pay your educational expenses when you don’t have access to other resources. By having the satisfaction that you have funds available, you can concentrate on studying. These loans could allow you to budget your money more smartly.

How much do student loans for living expenses cost a month?

Student loan cost a month normally based on three factors: your loan amount, interest rate and loan term. You can use our student loan calculator to find out how much your student loan for living expenses might cost you.

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