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Student loans for living expenses are loans that are specially made to help students to pay for their education fees that include tuition, books, and living expenses. These loans differ from country to country, depending on their terms. Student living expenses loans are of great help when you are studying abroad as they can help you cover your living expenses with your education expenses.

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How To Use Student Loans For Living Expenses?


When taking out student loans, you’re borrowing money to pay for education fees, which does not only include tuition fees. Student loans for living expenses cover complete fees which include room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and other personal expenses. There are many ways to use the student loans for living expenses you borrow for your educational purpose. Some are:

Buy Furniture

Buy required furniture including household items if you have moved into an unfurnished apartment. There are many cheap websites for you to get the necessary items using your student loans for Off-Campus Housing.


You could make use of your Student loans to buy or rent a car if your institution is too far away from your house. You can also get bus passes for your everyday travel.

Find affordable houses

Make sure you are not spending all your student loan on getting a posh house. Instead, look for cheap PGs, or share an apartment with your friends so that the rent is shared.

Cover necessary expenses

Make the best use of your student loans and cover the additional expenses such as getting goods and services which help you get a better education.

What are the factors that determine the use of student loans for living expenses?


One of the crucial factors here is the location of the educational institution in which a student studies. However, make sure you are contacting and researching with multiple lenders for your easy online loans because there are several different policies. And keep yourself safe from personal loan frauds.

What shouldn’t student loans for living expenses be used for?


While student loans can be used for Off-Campus Housing, but you shouldn’t use your student loans for bad credit funds to cover:

  • Trips And Vacations
  • Parties And Night Outs
  • Expensive Flats or Stays
  • Entertainment
  • Buying expensive vehicles
  • To repay other debts like home loans, etc.
  • Business expenses
  • Buying expensive and not necessary electronics 
  • Paying for someone else like paying friend’s fees


Before you go-ahead


Remember to refer to as many lenders as you can before settling for the best student loan suited for your needs. Do not waste your money on unnecessary expenses such as alcohol, more clothes, costly accessories, lavish apartments. Remember this money is for you to cover your housing expenses to help you with your education. Do not overspend the funds or use them for your needs, no matter how tempting it is. Remember, your student loan for living expenses is only for your education and related purposes and not your independent money. Spend it wisely because you need to repay interest on borrowed student loans for living expenses.

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