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Personal Loan Repayment Calculator


Use a Personal Loan Repayment Calculator if you wish to have firm decisions for your personal loans. No matter what may be the purpose, personal loans shall always assure you timely solutions to your financial issues. What could be more better than getting an idea about your personal loan approvals, repayment amount etc. in advance? That’s where the online Personal Loan Calculator serves your purposes.

Using a free Personal Loan Calculator, you can easily identify and analyze the efficiency of your loan decisions, well in advance.

  1. Enter your loan amount:
    Enter the amount you wish to borrow as a personal loan for yourselves.
  2. Enter what repayment/ installments periods you are comfortable with:
    Next, enter for what number of payments you wish to complete your loan repayments in the future.
  3. Enter the interest rates affordable to you:
    When prompted, enter for interest rates you find affordable for yourselves.
  4. Calculate/ Submit:
    Once done with the necessary details, click on the submit/ calculate button.
  5. Get instant predictions:
    You shall get quick instant predictions for your loan queries through an intelligent, online Personal Loan Payment Calculator.

How Will The Personal Loan Calculator Help You?


You are living in an unprecedented world. No one knows what would happen in the next moment. If you have sufficient saving then you can easily come out of the most difficult situations. However, not everyone is blessed with good savings. If you are an average person, struggling to manage your finance then there are things that you can do to bring things under control.

A personal loan is one of the easiest ways to manage your finance. It helps you meet any unexpected needs. It can be used to finance your recent holiday or to buy your dream car, you can also use it to party with your friends or for your education. There is no bar. You can use it for any purpose as per your needs.

However, just like any other loan, you will have to repay this loan as well. Moreover, you will have to pay a premium over your principal amount. So it is better to find out in advance if you will be able to repay it or not. You can use a personal loan payment calculator offered by Your Own Funding for this purpose.

Our personal loan repayment calculator can be used to keep track of your finances. Discover Personal Loan Calculator Advantages.

Gives the most accurate results

Gone are the days when you used to use pen and paper to calculate your loan amount. It is outdated as well as erroneous. It leaves enough room for error. However, you cannot expect to make an error in something like loans. A personal loan repayment calculator is a modern way of calculating your EMI. It can give the most accurate result in the least amount of time. Moreover, this tool is very easy to use and easily accessible. To use this you only need to know your principal amount, rate, and the time of repayment and boom. You have all the details in front of your eyes.

Can help decide the principal and period

As already stated, you need to repay the loan you have taken. You should not take too much loan that you will not be able to repay it. You should also not take too little loan that your purpose is not fulfilled. A calculated risk in this case can go a long way. Your personal loan calculator will help you to decide the amount of loan you need. Moreover, the repayment period is also very important. More the repayment period, the more interest you will have to pay. On the other hand, you need it to be sufficiently long so that it does not disturb your finances. Again personal loan repayment calculator will help you find the best repayment period as per your financial position.

It provides a loan amortization schedule

You will have to repay the loan in the form of EMI. You will have to keep a portion of your income aside every month for this EMI. A proper understanding of this portion is provided by a personal loan calculator. Moreover, at times you will try to pay more amounts in the form of bonuses, etc. This amortization helps clear your loan before the due date. The personal loan payment calculatorr provided by Your Own Funding provides this feature of the amortization schedule. It breaks down your loan in full detail. This will help you to plan and make informed decisions.

You get clarity about your loan

When you are repaying your loan it becomes very essential to keep track of your progress. You need to know how much interest is left to be paid, how much time you have in your hand, and how much amount is due. All this information is segregated in one place by our personal loan calculator. It gives you every detail that you may need related to your loan. Moreover, it also shows you a pictorial representation of all the things. It uses a pie chart to make things simpler for you. You just need to fill in your principal amount, rate of interest, and the time, that’s it. Rest all the things will be taken care of by our calculator.

It helps you in selecting the best option

There are so many players in the market offering loans. Each one of them has a method of attracting customers. If you are new into this loan game, then you would be easily fooled by these top players. This is where a personal loan calculator comes in. It will help you make an informed decision. Even a small change in the rate of interest can significantly change your due amount. All these things can be easily visualized with the help of our personal loan payment calculator. 


To sum up
A personal loan is a very smart way to manage your finance. However, you should be careful with loans. Use the free personal loan calculator or personal loan repayment calculator offered by Your Own Funding to find out which loan is best among them and then go for the loan. This way you will save yourself from any sudden surprise.

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