Can I get a car loan without credit? Or I desperately need a car as soon as possible, but have no credit history! I have very little financial support from my family.

Well, these are the most common questions and statements these days.

Buying a car with no credit and no cosigner is one of the biggest milestones of the life of any individual. But it could be quite expensive for people starting out with new jobs and poor or no credit history at all. This article would help you with 5 guaranteed ways on how to get a car without a cosigner or credit.

how to get a car without a cosigner


Car loans or auto loans are mortgage loans borrowed specifically for the purpose of buying an automobile. The car serves as collateral which could be seized if the loan is not repaid. Interest rates and EMIs are quite low compared to other unsecured loans like personal loans.

If you don’t have access to great public transit, you need a car. The only catch is that cars are expensive. People who can afford them either have the cash saved up, good credit, or a little of both. Otherwise, options for purchasing a car can be seriously limited and it becomes difficult to answer How to get a car without credit.

If you don’t need a car immediately and can wait a while

It’s Always Best to Wait Until You Establish a Credit History. Consider taking the time if you have a bad credit score and establish a good credit score before you opt for a car loan. Another option is to open a credit card account. A secured credit card is the most common and reliable option for people with bad credit. You can also go for unsecured options that are not terrible.

What if You Can’t-Wait?

If you need a car immediately and have a bad credit score then consider getting a loan from a reputable lender. After that, you can just focus on building your credit score over six months to a year.

How to buy a car without a cosigner: Your Alternatives to Traditional Financing

Luckily, there are some additional options people don’t consider right away. By making the right financial moves, you can afford a car and start building better credit. Also, see how to get a small business loan with bad credit.

Financial services like short term personal loans can give you access to cash without having to jump through nearly as many hoops as a traditional car loan. You can also find ways to get people you know and trust to help you boost your credit-worthiness.

Need to repair or wish to Buy a car without credit? But the biggest problem with this situation is that you have got bad credit because of some issues with your personal expenses. So what can be the options for getting car loans with no credit? Obtaining new credit can be challenging. People find high-interest rates and more fees.

If you’re struggling to afford a car and are wondering about what options you have available, then here are some of the following funding sources and financial strategies you might want to consider getting a car with no credit.

How to Get a Car without Credit

  • Seek Out Special Financing Programs
  • Talk to Your Local Credit Union
  • Find a Co-Signer
  • Get a Temporary Job with More Consistent Income
  • Save Up for a Down Payment
  • Short Term Car Loans With Bad Credit from Alternative Lenders

Seek Out Special Financing Programs

There are lots of special lending programs out there for specific categories of car buyers. Common special financing program targets include students, recent graduates, military personnel, military families, and those who intend to use the vehicle mostly for work purposes.

Many of these programs downplay the importance of your credit score, giving you more favorable chances of getting a car loan. They also may have relatively low promotional interest rates, special payment arrangements, or the ability to offer a low or no down payment.

Most special financing programs apply to new car financing. However, there are programs operated through a specialty auto loan provider, which would allow you to buy a used car.

When considering whether a special financing program is right for you, always make sure to weigh the promotional benefits against the full cost of the car loan.

Talk to Your Local Credit Union

Credit unions work to help members save and get the financial services they need. Part of that mission includes extending loans to individuals who aren’t likely to get an offer from a traditional bank. 

Employees of the credit union can help you get your finances in order and start building better credit. Sometimes, they can also give access to financial services that are customized to meet your goals. For instance, some credit unions offer a “credit-builder” auto loan that is designed to help you build credit while paying for a car at the same time. 

You must join a credit union to take advantage of these services. That can involve something as simple as opening up a saving’s account with a minimum balance (usually around $100 to $200). 

It’s probable that you’ll have to submit proof of income and other documentation before you are accepted into the credit union. The good news is that going through this process can help you take the first steps towards building better credit.

Find a Co-Signer

Wondering “How to get a car loan without credit”? In theory, finding a co-signer for your car loan with bad credit is easy. You just need to know someone who has better credit. By signing the loan with you, they can increase your odds of approval and decrease your interest rates.

However, co-signing also means that the co-signer has to deal with the consequences of the car loan if you somehow can’t pay it back. This will affect their credit rating, and it can even put them on the hook for your debt.

Because of this risk, it can be tough to find a co-signer who trusts you enough to put their name on the line. But if you pay the loan back on time, you can boost both your credit and theirs.

What to do if you don’t have a cosigner for your car loan? Unfortunately, the truth is that not everyone is able to find the cosigner easily. But don’t worry there are other 5 options available for how to get a car without a cosigner.

Get a Temporary Job with More Consistent Income

In today’s modern gig-based economy, it can be easy to make money but hard to prove your income. If you rely on things like poker winnings, rideshare fares, bartending tips, sales commissions, or the occasional contracting odd job, it’s not unnatural to feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when asked to provide your income documentation.

While keeping better records can help, you may also have to find a more traditional job with a regular paycheck. This is important for creating a clear income paper trail.

With enough steady paychecks under your belt, you can prove your income more easily and often get access to better financing offers from banks and specialty lenders, even if you still have bad credit and want to get a car loan.

Save Up for a Down Payment

Having a decent down payment on hand can mean more than just getting a better financing rate. Sometimes, it can make all the difference in getting approved.

Try to save up as much as you can for a down payment before shopping around for an auto/ car loan. Your initial down payment helps shorten the life of the car loan and gives you access to better financing options than you would normally have.

Short Term Car Loans With Bad Credit from Alternative Lenders

Short term personal loans to get a car are seen as low risk by alternative lenders since the payback window is so quick. Many will work with you even if you have bad credit or minimal credit history. 

You will have to prove your income in most situations even if it’s in a form of financial assistance for elderly, but the upside is that you can get funds when you normally wouldn’t be able to. That can be especially important in a situation where you cannot afford to wait.

It’s easy to think that a car loan is out of reach if you have bad credit. But this is not the truth. Our loan experts are always happy to assist you with “How to Get a Car Loan Without Credit”. 

Pros of No Credit No Cosigner Car Loans at Your Own Funding


how to get a car without a cosigner

Wondering how to finance a car without credit? and how you can be benefited? Well, below are the pros of Financing A Car With No Credit

  • With Your Own Funding, you can refinance after getting car loans for people with bad credit.
  • You can buy a car instantly with a bad credit score also.
  • You do not have to find someone to become your cosigner for your car loan.
  • It helps to build your credit.
  • You can get a car without credit whenever you need it if you can’t build your credit in another way. This is one of the best benefits you can get.
  • Your Own Funding provides you online Auto Car Loan Calculator which will help you in planning your car loan repayment.

Few years back, a good credit score was an essential factor while buying a car because lenders demanded visionary credit history. But now buying a new car with bad credit is not a tough thing to do. If you are interested in securing a short-term loan to help you with buying a car with no credit and no cosigner or any other major purchase, Your Own Funding can help. We are one of the best online loan companies where we help you track down a short term loan with bad credit that works for you and that is as convenient to pay back as possible. Stay away from personal loan frauds as you might a victim of loan scams.

The Bottom Line

Just because your credit scores aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you can’t get a car loan. Buying a car with no credit and no cosigner is possible if you remember and try to find the best way from above mentioned funding sources and financial strategies. Still, confused about how to get a car without a cosigner or credit? Our experts can help you in finding affordable loan lenders to match your financial situation.

Get started looking at your alternative lending options when you apply for a loan today.

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