Effective Interest Rate or EIR is also called Effective Annual Interest Rate, Annual Interest Rate, and subtly, Effective Rate, or Annual Effective Rate.

The actual profit or return that the ‘debt giver’ receives when the compounding interest and the fees in the case of financial products are taken into consideration is termed as Effective Interest Rate.

Consider a loan taken by you or any credit or investment you have made, like buying a car. After reading this content, you can figure out how to calculate effective interest rate on a loan, car loans, and other such loans.

This blog contains : 

  • What Is The Formula Of Calculating Effective Interest Rate On A Loan?
  • Steps To Figure Out Loan Interest Rate For Payday Loans

how to calculate effective interest rate on loan

What Is The Formula Of Calculating Effective Interest Rate On Loan?

Now you might ask, “How To Calculate Effective Interest Rate On a Loan?
Mathematically, it is roughly calculated as follows:

R = (1+ (i/n))^n -1


r = effective interest rate
i = nominal annual interest rate
n = number of compounding periods per year

  • Figure out the effective interest rate on a loan by determining the nominal annual interest rate and the number of compounding periods per year.
  • The banks, credits, or other financial products share the nominal rates of interest with you. These advertised rates are always catchy, and they do not include the above-mentioned compound interest or the excess fee.
  • The major point in the calculation of effective interest rate on a loan remains that the more compounded interest there is, the more the profit or return will be that the bank will receive on interest collection.

Now you too can figure out the effective interest rate on a loan.

Hence, the effective interest rate calculator is a very important tool in the financial and banking industry.

Therefore, a savings account or a loan may be advertised with the both-a nominal rate of interest as well as the effective interest rate on a loan which is calculated with the help of the above formula.

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APR or Annual Percentage Rate shows the actual interest applicable on the credit account, and so you can get answers to questions like how to calculate the monthly interest rate on a loan with the help of APR’s.
So, to calculate APR and figure out the interest rate on a loan, use:

P = A/ {[(1+R) N]-1}/[R (1+R) N]

A = Total Loan Amount
R = Periodic Rate of Interest with the credit
N = The total number of periodic payments to shut down the credit

This gives the monthly interest amount that you can use to calculate the total amount you’ll have to pay. Now you won’t have to ask, “How to calculate effective interest rate on a loan?”

Steps To Figure Out Loan Interest Rate For Payday Loans

how do you figure effective interest rate on a loan

For the case of daily loans, i.e., payday loans, you can figure out the loan rate for payday loans via the given steps:

  1. Dividing the finance fees charged by the total loan amount that you have taken
  2. Then, the result is to be multiplied by 365
  3. After this, divide the result by the number of days of the loan
  4. Multiply the result by 100 to turn the rate into a percentage form

This is how the daily rate is calculated, and also, in the same way, the daily interest rate on a loan can be figured out.

To make things a little clearer, let’s consider a simple situation. You have a credit card, and you have 1000$ on it. During the first ten days of the month, you spent around 300$ and the rest you keep in place for another ten days.

You can get emergency cash immediately bad credit loans to deal with unexpected financial stress as this money can be utilized for financing home repairs, unexpected car repairs, paying off medical bills, etc.

In the next ten days, you spent 200$ and then carry the rest for the available number of days. So, your daily interest rate can be calculated as follows:
1000$ x 10 days = 10,000$
700$ x 10 days = 7000$
500$ x 10 days = 5000$

So, your daily average amount would turn out to be = 10000+7000+5000/30 = 733.33$.

If your interest rate or APR is 15%, you can calculate daily interest using APR. Then, your daily percentage rate would be somewhere around 0.041096%.

This is how you calculate monthly payments with APR.


These are loans that are more aptly called ‘amortizing loans’.

how to calculate interest rate on a car, home

These are the loans whose mathematical aspects have already been pre-decided and taken into consideration. There is the fixed interest you have to pay continuously, after which the interest and the principal amount are both cleared off.
Hence, below you’ll be taught to compute the effective interest rates on a loan.

This is how to calculate effective interest rate on a car loan:

I = (R/N) * A

I = Interest
R = Rate of Interest
N = Number of repayments
A = Principle amount credited
Let us consider you are buying a vehicle worth 30,000$ which you have taken for a period of 6 years at a rate of 8.40%, then,

(0.084/12) x 30000 = 210$

This is your interest in the first month. Now, since this interest includes the amount borrowed also, the new amount would be:

  • New Balance for current month = principle amount – (amount repaid – interest calculated).

So now you know how to calculate interest rate on a car loan. This is how an auto loan interest works.

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