We can rarely predict the future, and it’s hard enough to prepare for the present. In these tough times, many people must look to financial safety nets in order to cover their expenses and carry out important plans. Some depend on credit cards. Others sell off cherished possessions. A few even humbly ask for assistance from family or friends.
The best financial options for covering your own obligations and intentions depend completely on the circumstances. You may be in a situation where one option shines above the rest given your credit, current looming payments, and other factors. However, many people overlook one of the most advantageous options for adding flexibility to their budgets: short-term personal loans.
A short-term personal loan is an unsecured loan intended to offer a quick infusion of cash when you need it most. You may be trying to bridge the gap between bill due dates and payday. Or, you could be trying to find a few extra thousand dollars to cover the cost of a trip or an important event.
Whatever the reason for procuring it, a short-term personal loan can offer you a breath of fresh air and give you the chance to get on top of your financial responsibilities once and for all. The right short term loan for you can provide many possible benefits so long as you put in the necessary research and confirm that you have an ability to repay.

Take a look below at the six benefits of getting your own short term personal loan:

1. Short Term Personal Loans Don’t Need Collateral
Loans for purchasing a car or your home often use the thing being bought as collateral. In other words, if you fail to pay the loan and go into default, you could lose your house or your car as a result.

This type of loan arrangement is referred to as a “secured” loan. The debt you take on is backed up in part by the value of the home, vehicle, or another form of collateral. Secured loans often result in lower interest rates and other favorable loan arrangements, but the drawback is that you are putting your possession on the line on the condition of making timely payments.

Unsecured loans, on the other hand, are arranged without the need for collateral. Those who do not have collateral available or are already burdened by secured debt may, therefore, still be eligible for a personal loan with reasonable terms and payments that they can handle.

Always weigh your options for financing before agreeing to something like a personal loan, though. You may find that you could benefit more from another type of financing, loan, or payment arrangement. At the same time, don’t overlook the possibility of an unsecured loan if you are concerned about having funds available but you can’t offer — or don’t want to offer — collateral.

2. A Short Term Personal Loan May Have Lower Interest Rates Compared to Other Options
Compared to financing options like credit cards or retailer financing, a short term personal loan could have a lower interest rate and a lower overall balance paid.

Credit card APR charges can be quite high, and cash advances come with fees and other strings attached. Likewise, car dealers and high-end item retailers can charge you abundant fees on top of interest and other costs.

A short-term personal loan could be a better option for you. By comparing your total cost of a personal loan versus using a credit card or relying on the seller’s financing, you could potentially come out with a lower overall expense and a higher likelihood of making all your payments on time.

3. Personal Loans Can Often Provide Higher Borrowing Limits
Depending on your credit score and existing debts, you may have a very narrow window for getting additional credit. Short term personal loans can often provide higher loan amounts to qualified borrowers compared to the credit cards and other credit sources available to them.

4. You Could Use a Personal Loan to Consolidate Debt in Some Instances
When facing student loans, mortgages, credit card balances, and other forms of debt, many people can feel completely underwater. According to a report by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the total U.S. consumer debt has surpassed $4 trillion.

If you are having trouble making payments and staying on top of all your various accounts, a short term personal loan could provide the financial flexibility you desperately need. By opening the loan, you can pay off your existing debt sources and transfer all of them to a single account. Many of these accounts offer flexible terms at potentially lower interest than your existing ones. Qualified borrowers can also often set their payment and loan term according to the most convenient arrangement.

Again, not every short term personal loan can offer a better overall cost compared to keeping your existing debts separate. But for those who are in certain situations, a personal loan can provide those in debt a lifeline out of a murky situation and into a brighter one.

5. A Personal Loan Could Improve Your Credit Utilization Percentage
When using a short term personal loan, you are creating a new source of credit. Comparatively, using your existing credit options, such as a credit card, you are reducing your amount of total credit available.

The ratio of available credit to your existing balance is referred to as your credit utilization. As an example, someone with a credit card that has a $5,000 limit and a $2,500 balance has 50% credit utilization for that account.

Having a lower credit utilization can improve your credit score, potentially making you eligible for higher balance limits, lower interest, or other benefits. In many situations, the net effect provides benefits to those seeking more funds while helping them keep credit available for emergency situations.

6. Short Term Loans Can Help with Big Purchases
If you are making a large purchase, such as paying for a wedding space rental or buying a used car from a friend, you may have limited borrowing options. A short term personal loan can be used for almost anything the borrower needs, allowing them to take on a brief debt until they are able to pay back the balance plus interest.

Anyone who is worried about putting off plans or cancelling big life events because they can’t afford it can often benefit from seeking out a short term loan instead.

Get the Biggest Benefits by Borrowing Responsibly through Your Own Funding
The worst type of surprises can come from your own finances. When you didn’t expect such a large financial obligation or you overestimate your ability to pay back a debt, you can feel stressed and pressured.

At Your Own Funding, we aim to reduce these surprises when it comes to taking out a short term personal loan. Our loan calculator allows you to estimate the total cost of your loan, including interest and fees. That way, there’s no mystery as to what you owe and whether you could pay it back given your current situation.

Qualified buyers also get many options to set their own payments and loan terms. They can find the right amount they need to borrow for the right time frame and with a reasonable interest rate that’s often lower than other forms of credit.

Not everyone needs a short term loan, but those that do can potentially gain all of the big benefits listed above. By borrowing responsibly, you can work smarter rather than harder to meet your financial obligations — all with fewer unpleasant surprises and a potentially brighter future ahead.

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